Pediatric Eye Exams



Vision is an incredibly significant part of a young person’s life, learning and development.  At Wilmette Eye Care, we love providing eye care to your whole family and take very seriously the trust our patients put in us to evaluate the health of their children’s eyes.  We see patients as young as 3 years old for comprehensive eye exams and encourage parents to make sure kids get their eyes examined from an early age.  

Visits to any doctor’s office can be intimidating for young ones.  We understand this and cater to our pediatric patients with a friendly environment and specialized testing to make their appointments as pleasant and efficient as possible.  Furthermore, we carry special eyeglass frame lines just for kids and young adults.

Dr. Kohn has fit patients as young as 5 years old in contacts.  Although this is atypically young, there is no definitive age at which patients can start wearing contacts.  We frequently train young patients on the insertion, removal and maintenance of contact lenses.  Young athletes, in particular, may benefit greatly from the competitive advantage and peripheral vision that contact lenses can provide.  We generally recommend daily disposable contacts to our younger patients to ensure that they have the most hygienic and convenient wearing experience possible.